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m a i n i e   j e l l e t t 

Mainie Jellett (1897 – 1944) was one of Ireland’s finest painters of the 20th century. She was part of the explosion of ‘Modernism’ of 1920’s Europe and was a notable contributor to the ‘Art Deco’ movement that revolutionised thinking in design, colour and composition.

Jellett was a know protege of Eileen Gray, as Dr. Jennifer Goff, (the world leading expert on Gray and Curator of Furniture, Musical Instruments and the Eileen Gray collection, National Museum of Ireland) explains in her essay, Shades of Gray -

“In 1922 Mainie Jellet and Evie Hone met Gray through a mutual friend Kate Weatherby. Gray had the most impact on Mainie Jellett, as she encouraged Jellet to produce her own rug designs.12 In 1927 Jellett designed and had rugs made at the Gray Wyld workshop in rue de Visconti. Though some of Jellett’s carpets are formal exercises in Albert Gleizes’s theories of abstract cubism – other clearly demonstrate Gray’s influence. A circular rug design of 1933 is directly inspired by Gray’s rug Tapis Ronde which she created for the living room of E1027”

Mainie Jellett made many rug designs through the latter part of the 1920’s and into the 1930’s. The current collection of rugs, made by Ceadogán Rugs at their workshops in Co. Wexford, are based on her original gouache drawings and have been produced by kind permission of the representatives of the Jellett estate.
All the rugs are made with 100% pure wool but can also be made using silk/ wool (55%/45%) mix.The rugs are produced in limited editions of 10.

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