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m o u r n e   t e x t i l e s 

Mourne Textiles was founded in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, County Down, in 1954 by Norwegian textile designer, Gerd Hay-Edie. Over the years that followed, Gerd’s textile designs and pioneering weaving techniques became a staple of mid-century design and collaborations with celebrated designers such as Robin Day, Hille and Conran, established Gerd’s lasting influence upon the world of weaving. 


Gerd handed her expertise down to daughter Karen Hay-Edie, a Master-Weaver in her own right, who in turn passed the baton on to her son, Mario Sierra, who shares the family passion for weaving and now runs the Mourne Textiles studio. 


Mario continues the Mourne Textiles legacy from the original site in Rostrevor and like his grandmother, seeks out opportunities to work alongside respected designers. Recent projects have included partnerships with some of the most exciting names in modern design, including Margaret Howell, Carl Hansen, Pinch and Twentytwentyone.


Mario and the Mourne Textiles Team, continue to proudly champion the beauty and community of their surroundings and combine this with a deep respect of craftsmanship, artistry and design excellence.

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